We love our products, but you don’t have to just take our word for it. See why customers love our high-quality polishes, detailing products and protectants.

“I started using NuFinish on my mom’s 1950 LTD, she had kept it in the sun and it started to fade. I put one coat of NuFinish Car Polish on and my mom could not believe her eyes. She said it looked brand new!”

-David W., Panama City, FL

“I have used NuFinish Car Polish for forever. It applies easily, is inexpensive and it provides the best protection of anything I have ever used!”

-Lisa L., Oklahoma City, OK

“I’m a young car-nut and use Nu Finish on all of my vehicles, ranging from my classic BMW to my 1964 Chevy Impala. End result is a glass-smooth surface with an undeniable shine. Recommended to all!”

-Leo L., Cary, NC

“The only wax I use. Been using it 10+ years on everything from my Porsche to 10 year old Hondas. If you use this stuff on a new car from time of purchase, the cars paint will look new forever. All polymer, no wax, best stuff on the market at the best price. The expensive stuff looks fancier, but not as good, save your money.”

-Jay, Quincy, MA

“I have a 2003 Ford Ranger. Nothing special – there are lots of them on the road but everyone stops me to tell me what a nice truck it is. They can’t believe it’s as old as it is. I polish it with Nu Finish and it shines and looks like new. It’s been through hard winters in Ohio and now hot sun and sea air on the coast and it still looks great.”

-Bud O., Myrtle Beach, SC

“I live in a very hot and dry area of Australia and keeping a good shine is difficult. I have had a lot of problems in particular with my caravan. Being subject to the elements I had no success with many products. I picked up some Nu Finish as a last resort, and now would not use anything else. The results are dramatic and very pleasing.”

-Phillip H., Molong, Australia

“Consumer Reports recommended Nu Finish paste as very durable. I bought it and have waxed both vehicles for the upcoming winter. I don’t know how it will hold up but I can say that I have had more comments about how great my vehicles look than any other product I have ever used!  No wonder you were rated #1!  Thank you. “

-William S. W., Lima, OH

“I am writing you because I want to tell you how impressed I am with your Nu Finish auto polish. I have a 2000 Red Metallic Chevrolet Cavalier. And when I used your product, it keeps my car looking sharp and protects it from the weather and acid rain because I park it outside in the elements. I wouldn’t dare use any other polish on my car.”

-Harry W., Beaver, PA

“I have used Nu Finish on my cars for eleven years and have been more than satisfied with the results. The finish on my ’89 Toyota Camry still looks like new.”

-Joseph S., Clifton, NJ

“I do not normally write letters like this, but I just had such a positive experience with your Nu Finish product that I felt compelled to tell you about it. When one thinks of waxing a car, you think of Simonize, Blue Coral and Turtle Wax . . .and you think of one HECK of a lot of work. In less than two hours, my 1994 Black Eagle Vision looks as good, if not better, than the day I picked it up from the dealer. No muss, no fuss. Thank you for a great product!”

-Chuck H., Oconomowoc, WI

“I have been using Nu Finish Paste Car Polish for 9 years now, and I am amazed at the shine and protection that it gives to the paint. Thank you for making the best stuff around.”

-Richard M., Tacoma, WA

“My friend has a ’76 Ford Limited and it was a bit faded out. We tried several other polishes, but nothing did the job like Nu Finish. It worked like a miracle! It gave his car a slick finish, and it brought the color back to life. And it was so easy to apply compared to the other waxes I tried to use.”

-Larry M., Park Hills, MO

“I have tried several polishes and waxes, but your Nu Finish, The Once-A-Year Car Polish, gives the best shine of them all. It’s reasonably priced, and it is such a breeze to use. Thanks, and keep up the good work!”

-Eric N., Miami, FL

“This Nu Finish product also has released many reel tapes suffering from the Stick Shed condition and so this product although never made for this has now become the hero product to all those reel to reel users with a stick tape condition. This is especially important to alignment tapes and other master tapes that could not be played anymore. Great product!”

-Sam P., Bensenville, IL

“A sales person at O’Riley’s Auto Parts recommended your product after I asked what was the best product for scratch removal for my 2008 Jeep Liberty. I was amazed at how simple and effective the NuFinish Scratch Doctor worked. Finally a product that did what it said it would. It removed scratches and left a beautiful finish all over the vehicle. I will not use anything else on my car. Thank you for a wonderful product. I will also now use other products from NuFinish.”

-Michael O., Lubbock, TX

“I scraped the frame of my new Road Bike this morning. I was upset as the bike is super clean. I then remembered that a few months ago I saw a bottle of your Scratch Doctor on TV and bought it just for kicks, but just kept it in my garage just in case. I tried it thinking it probably wouldn’t work. I was surprised, after two applications with some elbow grease, I removed all signs of the 4-inch scrape and another abrasion in the same area. My wife freaked out when she saw how well the product worked. Must say, I’m a Nu Finish customer for good!”

-Dave R., Jose, CA

“I just want to say that this product is amazing! I got some small scratches in the tailgate on our new Murano and was pretty upset when I saw them.I used Scratch Doctor on it and was able to get all of the scratches out without harming the clearcoat or paint.It is a terrific product.I have also used NuFinish polish on both of our cars and have nothing but praise for it as well. Great products!!”

-Rich M., Madeira Beach, FL

“I saw your television commercial for Nu Finish Scratch Doctor a couple of weeks ago. I couldn’t possibly believe that the product could work that well….until I tried it for myself! I don’t know what you put in that bottle, but that stuff is amazing! It removed the key marks near my door handle and the nicks on my trunk in no time. Nice to see that there’s a product out there that can do exactly what you claim it can do. Thank you!”

-Jonathan S., Santa Rosa, CA

“I live in the city and my car gets abused going in and out of small parking spaces all day long. It was so easy to get the paint off of my doors left behind by the other cars with Scratch Doctor. Just wish you could have come out with this product years ago…it would have saved me a ton of money touching up my other cars. Keep up the great work!”

-Becky R., Seattle, WA

“My wife came home with scratches down the side of her car, which she had no idea how they got there. I went to an automotive store and they recommended I try Nu Finish Scratch Doctor before going to the expense of getting a paint job at a body shop. Low and behold, they were right. Scratch Doctor made the scratches on the side of her car virtually disappear. Thanks!”

-Al B., Corpus Christi, TX

“Wow! Not much else to say but that Nu Finish Scratch Doctor is just what the doctor ordered. Thank you for creating this amazing product!”

-Terry M., Lawrence, KS

“I have been using your Nu Vinyl Protectant for over 8 years. You have a great product here, and I have found so many uses for it. My convertible top has never looked so new, it looks like I just drove it off the lot. And the lasting shine that it leaves on the dash is unlike any other protectant on the market.”

-John B., Pittsburgh, PA

“Nu Vinyl has worked great on my Mazda Miata car top for a number of years. So I decided to try it on my leather furniture, and I am thrilled with the results. Your protectant brought my furniture back to life, just like it did for my vinyl car top. I can’t wait to try it on something else around the house!”

-Carol R., Oklahoma City, OK

“I don’t think that there is any other vinyl or leather product on the market that can come close to Nu Vinyl. The no rubbing, no buffing feature to your protectant is awesome. You have a loyal customer for life now!”

-Jack S., Raleigh, NC

“It has been 9 years since I have been using Nu Vinyl Protectant, and my 1988 Buick still looks brand new. Most protectants are greasy, and wear off in days. But Nu Vinyl dries to a shiny film and lasts months on my dashboard and car top. I am totally amazed!”

-L.H. M., Phoenix, AZ