Our top-rated polishes, detailing products and protectants will help clean, repair and protect your car’s finish giving it that long-lasting showroom shine. See how our car-care products keep millions of loyal customers satisfied year after year.

I started using Nu Finish on my mom’s 1950 LTD, she had kept it in the sun and it started to fade. I put one coat of Nu Finish Car Polish on and my mom could not believe her eyes. She said it looked brand new!

David W., Panama City, FL

I have tried almost every brand of car wash on the market over the years, and nothing, I repeat NOTHING, works as good as your Nu Finish Car Wash!! One little bottle goes a long way, and it doesn’t leave that soapy film that most car washes leave. You make some really phenomenal products. Keep it up!

Robert S. Dallas, TX