What's the Difference?

When you know the difference, you’ll know what’s best for your car.

Both car waxes and car polishes are used to achieve a clean, glossy appearance to your car’s paint, but there’s been an ongoing discussion as to which product works best to protect one of your biggest investments.

A polish is a substance used to give something a smooth, shiny surface when rubbed in. A wax is anatural or synthetic treatment believed to help create a temporary barrier from UV rays.
The common myth that waxes add long-term protection is not correct. Natural elements like acid rain, UV rays and road salt break down waxes more quickly than a polish that is specifically designed to protect your paint.

Nu Finish® Car Polish does not contain any wax.

It is actually a blend of advanced polymers that creates a superior protective layer to your car’s finish while adding a deep gloss. Nu Finish® uses zinc cross-linking technology that bonds to your car’s paint, giving it a full year’s worth of protection in just one application. A surface treated with Nu Finish® will continue to bead water even after 52 automatic car washes.

Nu Finish® Car Polish has the benefits of a polishing agent, and offers a protective, long-lasting showroom shine.

Yet, Nu Finish® Car Polish is a one-step system compared to labor-intensive car wax products that require a two- or three-step system of protection. Our top-rated car polish saves you both time and money while offering superior protection versus car waxes that are available today. Nu Finish® has it all and with much less effort!