"I have tried almost every brand of car wash on the market over the years, and nothing, I repeat NOTHING, works as good as your Nu Finish Car Wash!! One little bottle goes a long way, and it doesn't leave that soapy film that most car washes leave. You make some really phenomenal products. Keep it up!"
-Robert S., Dallas, TX

"I have used your Nu Finish Car Wash on all of my cars with great success for many years. It is the very best car wash I've ever found!"
-Leila M., Los Angeles, CA

"I have purchased your products for many years, and have found all of them to be superior in quality. But your Nu Finish Car Wash has really helped to maintain my investment in my car. My 1991 Rodeo was re-painted in 1995 and due to the high quality of your product, it retains a high-gloss, 'just waxed' appearance after each washing. The car looks shiny as the day I repainted it. Thanks!"
-Mike G., Birmingham, AL

"Other car washes can't compare to Nu Finish Car Wash. I have used it on my cars for several years, and it helps to maintain the shine like no other product on the market."
-Lorene S., Little Rock, AR