What makes Nu Vinyl different than other protectants?

Most protectants never dry because they are loaded with inexpensive silicones. But Nu Vinyl Protectant dries to a hard, flexible film so it won’t attract dirt. And it is a one-step application that doesn’t require any buffing to remove excess formula. So it restores your vinyl to a brilliant shine that will protect your vinyl, rubber or leather longer than any other protectant on the market today.

What can I protect with Nu Vinyl?

Nu Vinyl works great on dashboards, doors, plastic trim, and leather trim. Try it on leather boots, vinyl seat cushions, and rubber molding to protect them from harmful UV rays and harsh weather-related conditions. There are hundreds of other uses for Nu Vinyl around your home.

How can I protect my dashboard from fading and cracking from the harmful effects of UV rays?

The best way you can protect your dashboard is by applying a protectant after every time you wash your car. Nu Vinyl Protecant will help restore and protect your vinyl dashboards, tires, and plastic trim from the harmful effects of the sun with regular applications.

 I am having trouble finding Nu Vinyl where I normally buy my automotive products. Can you help me find a location near me?

 Nu Vinyl Protectant is not available at all stores.  Many hardware chains carry our product, but it can also be found thru some online retailers like (Order Now)

Can I use Nu Vinyl on my headlights to remove the haze and improve visibility?

 Nu Vinyl was not specifically designed to remove haze on plastic headlights.  We always recommend you first test any product in an inconspicuous area on an untested surface.  Nu Vinyl works great on plastic trim so we think you should have positive results with this application as well.

Can I use Nu Vinyl Protectant on leather as well?

Yes, you can use Nu Vinyl on leather, rubber, plastic trim, and vinyl surfaces. We recommend you first apply the product to an inconspicuous area to make sure it will give you the results you are expecting. Nu Vinyl works great on leather boots, luggage, and furniture as well.

Will Nu Vinyl help protect and shine my plastic trim above my wheel well and on my bumper?

Definitely. We have not found a longer lasting product for vinyl and plastic trim than Nu Vinyl Protectant. And since Nu Vinyl dries to a glossy film, it will not attract unsightly dust in areas like your bumper or vinyl trim like other protectants on the market.


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